Our Story

Cup of Sugar was born from a need for this stay at home mum (me) to find a way for mum’s and dad’s in sticky situations to help each other with minding the kids in a flexible and reciprocal way that doesn’t cost much if anything at all.

When my lightbulb moment happened, I had just been offered a full time job with no flexibility in hours, and very little reward, I had to turn it down. I found myself wondering how I would ever get back to work and be able to afford childcare for my two lovely girls to make it all worthwhile.

I figured I wasn’t alone in this situation and started to think about a way parents in similar situations could get help with looking after the kids so that they would be able to look at potential part time work without worrying about the costs and commitment involved in other childcare options. But then I thought.....why should it just be about working, everyone needs a break or maybe people want to study, exercise or just be themselves for a bit and just need a way to ask for help with looking after the kids on a more casual basis

So the idea of a points based system with parents looking after other parents kids finally came to me. I wanted it to work so that everyone benefitted without it costing the earth, and on a more casual basis than enrolling with childcare providers.

I started thinking how parents do offer to look after each others’ kids all the time, but how often do people actually take others up on their generosity....? I wanted  a way to take away that awkwardness from asking for help, and the feeling of the need to re-pay it as soon as possible. So with the help of a very clever website company Cup of Sugar was built to do everything online, as easily as can be, and in a way that means you don’t feel like you are putting anyone out, and you are helping others too.

I wanted to be able to offer this to anyone at all who has children, hence the tiny admin fee, I didn’t want price to be an issue and I didn’t want to limit it to just the stay at home mums. I’m always excited when people come up with new ways it can work for them – some real life examples include:  volunteer work, the opportunity to go out for a meal, simply being able to get the groceries and shopping done, all while your little one plays with their friends.

Personally I hope a lot of parents use it for a bit of ‘me’ time, which I think is equally if not more important as any of those other uses!

Thanks for reading and please e-mail me at Pauline@cupofsugar.co.nz if you have any comments or questions.