Join online, then, using the sugar club functions either search for or invite friends to join your club.


Complete your calendar, you can then start booking!

Easy as that!

We try to keep this easy...so to make a booking with one of your Sugar Club friends you can:

  1. Use the ‘Request a mind’ button, and send a message to all or one of your club friends requesting a mind. OR
  2. Click on a particular club friend from your list and search their calendar directly for a time and date you want, click on it and send a booking request.

Once you have sent a booking request it gets confirmed by your club friend and your calendar and theirs gets updated with booking information.

Cup of Sugar is all about a little give and take, you need to give a little sugar to get a little sugar. The way we keep track of this is in the form of sugar cubes (points).

It’s simple – if you book someone to look after your kids you give them some of your sugar cubes (points), they can use these to book you or anyone in their group, and off it goes round and round....nice and fair and easy.

As luck would have it Cup of Sugar is giving you 500 sugar cubes (points) on registering, so off you go....start booking!

For minding you get ten cubes per hour per child. When you make a confirmed booking, cubes will leave your account and head to your club friends. You receive cubes in the same way if someone has booked you.

If you have forgotten to make a change to a booking or a last minute change needs to be made (you may have organised another hour of minding with your friend) you are able to edit a booking up to 48 hours after it has elapsed, cubes are then exchanged in accordance with the editing.

For an unlimited amount of hours per booking you pay a small admin fee of $2. This keeps the website ticking.  

So.....you only pay when you make a confirmed booking.

No money changes hands between you and your group members as it is a reciprocal sugar cube based system. 

If you are running low on cubes, why not give your friends a wee prod....use the ‘offer to mind’ button to let others know you are available, suggest they go out for dinner, drop little Sally over for a bit, or just remind them you are here for them.

You can use anyone it’s over to you, they just need to be signed up on Cup of Sugar, if you know someone has registered just type in their name, hit the search button and invite them into your Sugar Club. It is your responsibility to ensure you are totally happy with anyone you invite into your club looking after your kidlets.

You can invite friends who haven’t registered to join – just use the ‘new member invite’ button.

No one can access your club unless you accept an invitation or invite them yourself.

Why not send something out to your facebook friends, or you could also tell those friends you have made through mum’s and bub’s groups, local schools, or get to know that mum you met at the playground the other day. Tell them about Cup of Sugar, get them signed up and in your club, then they can also make their own club.  

Yes, easily too -  you can change your availability through your ‘my calendar’ page, just ensure that you have not already accepted a child minding request for a previously available date.

You can cancel a booking by going to your calendar and editing the booking. If you forget to cancel, don't worry you can still cancel a booking up to 48 hours after the booking was to take place. If you cancel a booking sugar cubes will be returned to the persons account that requested the mind. The person who cancels the booking pays the admin fee of $2 as the system has still been used.

Unavoidable things come up from time to time, but Cup of Sugar works on the basis of everyone helping everyone, so try not to disappoint your buddies too much! The same goes for late pick ups, early drop off’s, etc etc – use the system but try not to abuse it.